Collective Individualism 

Chariot of Eternity is not just a building where initiations and other ceremonies are held. We are a diverse community of individuals who are dedicated to every person’s right to express themselves as they will. We believe that everyone has a unique purpose - a Will - and through the bonds of fraternity, we can work together to assist and encourage one another on our individual paths. We do this in many ways, including providing classes and discussions on esoteric subjects, such as magick and tarot, as well as every day subjects such as self-care, interpersonal communications, and how to support each other in the way of our going. We also encourage our members and guests to share their knowledge on these subjects with us. Our goal is to provide a welcoming space to exchange our collective knowledge and experiences with one another as we all work toward the things that are most important to us. 

Strength In Diversity 

The Community exists to serve its members, and allows for our members to strive to discover and express their true natures in a nurturing and safe environment. We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, sexual identification, gender identity, or any other differences we may have as individuals. We embrace diversity, and welcome the opportunity to learn and grow as a result of that diversity. We promote the concepts of beauty and harmony, both in ourselves and in the community at large. 

The Community also provides support groups and outreach programs to discuss intersectionality in the pagan community. Chariot of Eternity hosts a monthly LGBT+ Pagan support group called “Out, Proud, And Pagan” at the LGBT Community Center in Greater Cleveland, and also facilitates a quarterly meeting at our Lodge for minorities to discuss their spiritual beliefs called “Shades of Faith.” We feel these programs, each facilitated by members who also belong to these communities, help us all to appreciate and embrace our differences and to interact with love, fraternity, and true understanding. 

Taking Action 

Chariot of Eternity also offers a chance for our members to serve both internally - in facilitating and teaching classes and assisting in the day-to-day operations of the Oasis - and externally, with our community outreach program, Agapé in Action. We love to engage in projects that assist those in our neighborhood who need it most, and we are always looking for ways to build up and help the neighborhood. Our outreach efforts include distributing personal care products to those in need, engaging in virtual food drives for the Cleveland Food Bank, and cleaning up our highway exits/entrances on nearby I-90 through the Adopt a Highway Program.